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Eco Technology of the Environment “ETE”, founded in 1999, is specialized in the field of water and environmental management.

Among the main activities of ETE :

The study, design and construction of industrial, urban and domestic wastewater treatment plants.

The treatment of drinking water and drinking water sludge..

Construction of pumping stations.

Through many years of experience in the field of waste and wastewater treatment, ETE  engineers and technicians support you in defining the best process to treat all types from simple to complex effluents and find the appropriate solution.

ETE guarantees you all the innovative and efficient technical solutions that are offered to you meet the sanitary quality requirements defined by the standards.

ETE is developing a strong expertise in the fields of project engineering and studies, in fact, the ETE team offers you the following services:

Technico-economic feasibility studies

Environmental impact study
Etude de dépollution

Management and industrial maintenance consulting

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