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Tertiary treatment is often necessary after treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater, in order to obtain sufficient effluent quality to evacuate them to a suitable nearby location. This is an obligation in the event of reuse of treated wastewater.

ETE offers you sand filters and various filtration methods to produce effluents clean enough to meet strict discharge criteria or to reuse water.

Sand filter :

The sand filter allows separation on the basis of particle diameter. It consists of a basin filled with sand as a filter medium. The liquid to be treated flows from top to bottom through this medium.

Since these are fine grains of sand, the interstices are very small and the mud (suspended particles) present in the liquid is retained, while the latter passes through the sand.

A sand filter is usually filled with different kinds of sand in order to achieve efficient filtration without too much pressure drop.

UV disinfection :

This method is designed to remove pathogens from wastewater and effluent safely with our reliable, chemical-free solution.
ETE can help you design and implement this technology.

ETE peut vous aider à concevoir et mettre en œuvre ces technologies.

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