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Screening :

Screening is the first step in the pre-treatment of wastewater. A screen is placed upstream of the treatment devices. It is to eliminate waste more or less voluminous. Screening protects the structures downstream from the station against damage that can be caused by large objects contained in the wastewater flow.

There are different effluent screening systems chosen depending on the size of the treatment plant, the pollutant load and the inflow rate.

ETE provides you with the different types of screens (Cable Vertical screen, step screen, Spiral screen, Rotary drum screen, chain inclined screen,…)

Degreasing and grit removal :

The grit removal and degreasing are often carried out within the same treatment unit, this is the grit and degreaser. The sand can be extracted by bottom scraping or by pumping, and the grease collected on the surface of the water in the form of scum is extracted using scraper bridges

ETE is able to offer you a complete range of equipment that will allow you to clarify your wastewater at the head of the station..

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